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WORLDWIDE NANNY place highly skilled and trained childcare professionals as well as domestic staff  worldwide within International fully staffed households. Please note that our candidates page is updated on weekly basis, and as we register new candidates everyday we recommend you to call us directly on +44 (0) 20 8611 2607 to discuss more specifically your Nanny or Domestic staff search requirements.

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The nanny search process isn’t always easy to handle. If you follow these steps thoroughly though, that should help you avoid most of common mistakes and find the right nanny for your family.

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Are you looking for a Nanny to take care of your little ones ?

 Here are some tips to ensure you are leading this process in the right way:

Job description: Writing a thorough and in-depth job description is essential to start your Nanny search. Try to identify what is important to you and your family. Do you need an experienced and qualified Nanny ? Or do you need more kind of a “big sister” to look after your school aged children? Figure out what would be the working hours. Is there any overtime to be expected by the nanny ? Any travels with the family ? Would you like the nanny to speak any specific language ? What would be the exact duties ? The salary is also an important aspect of the position and it is strongly recommended to offer salary based on the market rate. A happy nanny is more likely to commit to a long term.

Recommendation: Ask family and friends if they could recommend a reliable Nanny living in the same area as you. If it happens they don’t know anyone, they can maybe spread the word that you are looking for someone. Recommendations are a very good option but unfortunately not sufficient.

Nanny Agencies: In case, you don’t get any recommendation, register your search with 1 or 2 agencies, again ideally that have been used by friends or family members before. The biggest agencies are not necessarily the most efficient. It could be also very helpful to speak to nanny Boutiques, as you would be dealing directly with the CEO or the Director of the business. Agencies can definitely help you to find a nanny that is tailored to your requirements.

Face to face interviews: If you use an agency, it is usually recommended to interview 3 to 6 candidates. Face to face interviews are crucial as you will then see the candidates at their best, from the presentation, to  the posture, hygiene, eye contact, interaction with your child etc … don’t miss out on any details.

Trial: Once you have shortlisted the two best candidates, ask them to come over for 1 or 2 days trial. It is the best way to observe the candidate’s behaviour and test them on the role they would be taking.

Background: The Background check is also extremely important. Google the name of the candidate, interesting information could come up.  All the candidates should be able to provide a DBS or a Police Check from their home country in order to work in private families.

References: Speak to at least two References. Prepare a list of questions in advance: When the the nanny started ? when she/he stopped ? the ages of the children when first started ? the reason for leaving? the punctuality ? the personality ? Was she/he reliable etc …

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