Here are some tips to ensure you are leading this process in the right way:

Job description: Writing a thorough and in-depth job description is essential to start your Nanny search. Try to identify what is important to you and your family. Do you need an experienced and qualified Nanny ? Or do you need more kind of a “big sister” to look after your school aged children? Figure out what would be the working hours. Is there any overtime to be expected by the nanny ? Any travels with the family ? Would you like the nanny to speak any specific language ? What would be the exact duties ? The salary is also an important aspect of the position and it is strongly recommended to offer salary based on the market rate. A happy nanny is more likely to commit to a long term.

Recommendation: Ask family and friends if they could recommend a reliable Nanny living in the same area as you. If it happens they don’t know anyone, they can maybe spread the word that you are looking for someone. Recommendations are a very good option but