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We have a very specific and thorough understanding of what nowadays families and especially international families are looking for, not only in terms of competence and skills but also in terms of commitment and loyalty expected from the staff they are looking to hire.

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Worldwide Nanny About Us

WORLDWIDE NANNY is a premium Domestic Staff Recruitment boutique serving essentially the UK, Europe and the Arab States of the Persian Gulf, placing our skilled, competent and qualified  Bilingual Nannies, Baby Nannies, Maternity Nurses, Governesses, Housekeepers, Private Chefs and Butlers within International Families and HNWI Households. Our services include Permanent and temporary placements. If you are interested in hiring for instance, a French Nanny in Singapore or Kuwait, a British Nanny in Qatar or Monaco, a Bilingual Nanny in London or Geneva  (we cover a large range of languages), you can rely on us to send you our best candidates or to spend the necessary time to recruit the candidate that matches all your requirements. At WORLDWIDE NANNY we all are parents and totally aware of what your expectations are when it comes to your beloved children. All children need someone caring, flexible, nurturing, patient, fun but also a person that helps them grow and become more responsible.

Worldwide Nanny is a company that has a name that explains a lot about what we are doing. Namely, we are the specialized agency that introduces candidates such as Nannies, Governesses, Travelling nannies, and Maternity Nurses. In addition, we are offering the services of professional household staff, House Managers, Private Chefs and Butlers. At Worldwide Nanny we are focused on making the process of searching and hiring high-quality care and help easy, efficient and hassle free for clients looking for the best care for their kids. With years of experience in this field, we understand that quality and good care are important to our clients.  In order to achieve the best results, we put ourselves in your position and recommend the best solutions for your needs.

Worldwide Nanny strives to become your one-stop shop for premium-quality, experienced nannies, and other useful household staff. When you choose us, you can rest assured that you will be served with the highest levels of service, integrity, expertise, and knowledge. We are a well-established organization focused on helping all our clients meet (and exceed) their household staffing requirements and needs. Worldwide Nanny is a reliable partner for families around the globe. We approach all our services from an original perspective and we are always looking for a way to turn our first-time clients into loyal clients. If you want a true partner that will cover your needs, you can count on us!

Why should clients /professional parents use Worldwide Nanny?

With so many similar agencies in the market and so many individual nannies and household staff members offering their services, it is quite logical to ask why use Worldwide Nanny. Well, we are glad that you’ve asked. It might look like a simple and easy task to hire a professional online, but the truth is that many families have tried this road and they were surprised in an unpleasant way. Avoid situations like this and use our services!

Carefully selected Candidates

You simply can’t hire anyone to take care of your children or your home. That’s why Worldwide Nanny is conducting a thorough screening before deciding that the candidate is fit to work through our agency. If the candidate doesn’t meet our standards they are simply not introduced to our clients.  It’s also worth mentioning that the majority of the Nannies we have were referred to us.  Most of the nannies we have are interested in starting a long-term role.

We recruit highly skilled and competent childcare and domestic professionals. We have English speaking or Bilingual candidates (our Candidates also speak either French or Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese etc..)

Worldwide Nanny can save you money, time and energy

Truth be told, most people believe that it is not logical to be able to save money when you are using an agency like ours, but they are wrong. The candidates that we have usually stay with a family for for a long term. In addition, we tend to keep the fee at a reasonable level compared to other agencies.

As previously mentioned, finding a good nanny is usually a time-consuming and difficult process. While it is true that there are many candidates, it is also true that only a small number of them are worth your attention. Worldwide Nanny is  here to help. All these problems can be resolved if you decide to use our Agency. On top of that, we are here to help clients who need a nanny quickly.

We provide support

We provide support for both our Clients and our Nannies. Once you’ve hired a nanny through us we will regularly check in with you and the nanny in order to gain feedback and confirm that everything is going on as expected. We want you to feel happy with the candidates we place within your household. In case you have any concerns or dilemmas, we will provide guidance.

Services tailored to your needs

One of the things that make Worldwide Nanny special is the fact that we don’t have a “one size fits all’ offer. We will first gather information from your family in order to understand your needs, preferences, desires, and lifestyle. As we said before, our company also gathers personality info, job preferences, and skills from vetted candidates. So, in the end, you can rest assured that you will get a recommendation for the best nannies that match your needs. They will be eager to start working at your place and a happy nanny means that your children will be happy too. Your children deserve the best!

A guaranteed replacement

Even though the number of satisfied clients that we have is extremely high, there are situations when things didn’t work out well. If you feel that your nanny doesn’t fit your needs, then you should know that we will provide a replacement right away. You don’t have to be worried about possible inconveniences.

No obligation

Even though we are ready to spend some time trying to find the best match for your needs, you don’t have an obligation to pay anything except a registration fee (to start off the search) of £50 for UK based placements and £200 for overseas placements. The permanent placement fee is due only if we have been able to secure you a Nanny or a Domestic of staff.

We cover almost every country

Another great thing about our services is that we cover pretty much all countries. After all, that’s why we are called Worldwide Nanny. We would like to point out that our main focus is placed on the Middle East and European countries. So, if you are located in this part of the world, you can rest assured that we will find the best solution for you.

Trust, integrity, professionalism, commitment – these are just some of our values that make us stand out from the crowd. When you work with us, you know that you can expect the best nanny and domestic services. With our qualified employees, no domestic job is difficult. Save some time and money by hiring our professionals – choose Worldwide Nanny!


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